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Hey! It has been a while!

There has not been much happening in November, and that is why I am only writing one post for the entire month. haha! I am going to try to blog more after my exams!

The majority of this month has been spent doing schoolwork, assignments, and exams-revision. Now I am finished with all of my assignments in Programming, Computer Science, and Philosophy! I know, super exciting... But some fun things have happened as well!

My friend and I have been going out on walks multiple times a week throughout the month, which I am very proud of. It is really good to go outside and get some fresh air, especially when exams are right around the corner. It is just fun and relaxing to walk outside and talk. We have also gone out into the forest to grill, which is lovely as always!

Another exciting thing that happened this month was that I was on the Norwegian talk show Senkveld! Sabrina Carpenter came to Norway, and she was going to perform on the show, and I got to meet her there. It was so much fun to talk to her again!

Other than that, I have had my math exam, and I think it went pretty well (I will not know that until next year)! Now I only have three exams left, then I am finished with school for this semester!


- Sandra





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