Out On Walks🌲

It is October again!

The last two weeks have actually been pretty calm - have not had a ton of work to do at all. Nothing special happened last week. I did not have Autumn Break, so it was just like any other week. This week I had two assignments due, and both of them were easy to finish. I even managed to deliver them a couple of days before the due date, because I thought I would spend more time working on them than I actually did. I am proud of that accomplishment!

On Tuesday I stayed at home to study. I only have one group lesson on Tuesdays, and since there are not going to be any assignments for next week in that class, I decided to work at home instead. The day ended up to be a lot of fun. I was studying until 2 pm. Afterward, my friend and I went outside for a walk with her dog, and when we were back home we decided to walk to the forest and grill. We sat outside for probably four hours, and it was lovely and relaxing to be outdoors and just talk. We even took another walk later in the evening that day! I usually spend way to little time outdoors, so Tuesday was a nice break from being inside too much! We actually continued to go on walks almost every day this week, which we are attempting to continue doing from now on!

This weekend I have been working on math and some assignments in programming and philosophy, which are due in a couple of weeks from now. I also went to the mall with my friend yesterday, which was fun!

This post is just a little update kind of thing.


I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!


- Sandra

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