Election Day

Today is the official Election Day!

I hope everyone that had the opportunity chose to vote. I voted yesterday for the first time in my life! It was actually pretty cool, and I felt like I was contributing towards something important (it sounds super lame, but I was very excited to vote, so yeah). The thing that surprised me was that the voting process was a lot quicker than I anticipated, and I was also terrified to make any mistakes all the practical things. Despite my irrational fears, everything went smooth (of course), and the entire thing lasted for maybe 10 minutes. The best part about voting was to put the ballot in the ballot box. Now we're just waiting for the results of the election

Today is also the beginning of a new week at the university, and I've actually attended school for one month already! The only reason I actually know that is because I had to fill my Travelcard, which is valid for one month at a time - time flies! More things are starting to happen now. I've had weekly assignments every week in one class since I started, but now I'm going to get assignments in my other classes as well (which are larger ones). In addition to that, I've signed up for an exam that I'm retaking this fall, so it's going to be busy the following months. But school is so much fun, and it's way more motivating to only have classes that I'm interested in. Also nice to just have 3 (4) classes at a time which makes it easier to distribute an equal amount of time for each class.


Did you vote this year?


- Sandra

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