I Got Mail!


Another (school) week has come to an end. This week was my second week of lectures, and everything has been going very well! The lectures, group- and seminar lessons, and the workload have been great, and the transition between sixth form college and university has been surprisingly smooth. I've had one assignment due this week, and I'm already finished with the one due next week (I hope that I'll keep my good study habits throughout the year). I've actually learned quite much in only two weeks! For example, now I know how to program a quiz and other simple interactive programs, which I'm extremely proud of to say so myself!

This week I received a package in the mail, that I had been waiting for, for a while. Because I purchased a new lens for my DSLR-camera! I don't think that I've written much (or anything) about photography on the blog, but now you know, I'm a hobby photographer. I actually got my camera the same year that I went on exchange. This is the first time that I'm buying a new objective, up until now I've only used the one that came with the camera. The lens I bought was a macro lens, which is suitable for portrait- and detail photography, while the lens I already had was more suitable for landscape photography. I tried taking some test photos today, and I'm really happy with it! It's a lot of fun to try something new, and the objective captures totally different details than my other one.

I mostly take photos when I travel, so I can't wait to really test it out the next time I'm going somewhere!

How was your week?


- Sandra

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