Buddy Week

A new week with new experiences!

Monday was the first official day for all the new university students at the University of Oslo! I took the train to Oslo at 8 am, and before the train ended up having technical difficulties in between two stops. They used maybe 20 minutes to fix it, therefore I was glad that I had 30 minutes extra to spare so that I wouldn't be late! The day began with information for new students at Sohpus Lie's Auditorium, where we also were divided into groups based on what we're going to study (at the beginning of the day all the Informatics students were together), and afterward, we walked over to the Informatics building. Then we got a whole lot of information about the program, and everyone received a "letter of acceptance" from the university. Then everyone was assigned a "buddy group", which is a group consisting of students that have attended your program, and other new students - essentially, it's how you get to know people. After that, we ate lunch and went to Karl Johan (a street, not a person), where the official welcoming ceremony was held. The Principal and the Major of Oslo held speeches, and the University choir performed. The ceremony was the best part of the day!

On Tuesday all the new students were offered breakfast for free, and then we had a treasure hunt that lasted the rest of the day. This was my favorite game out of all the "buddy activities". We went to different posts and got different tasks and problems we had to solve. Some of the tasks were to build a tower, play chess, drive a robot through a mini-course, and a quiz. 

The "buddy week" ended with a pre-course in Informatics, which was on Wednesday and Thursday, and we were able to learn and test out basic programming, which was so much fun! In addition to all of this, I got to purchase textbooks and I got my student card! This week I met many new people who are going to study the same courses as me, and others who are going to study completely different things. Overall, this was an amazing start to a new chapter!


- Sandra

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