Happy Monday!

My family and I took a weekend trip to Bergen, since we didn't have anything special planned this summer. There, we visited some family friends, which was super nice since I haven't been there in years!

We traveled there on Friday afternoon, and in the evening we had a good time with dinner and whatnot.

On Saturday morning we went to Ulriken, which is one of the mountains near the city, and we took the cable car up on the mountain. The city view was beautiful from the top! Afterward we walked from Ulriken to Flyen, which is a 13 km (8 mile) long walk! The hike was very enjoyable, and the terrain was quite even the entire way, except at the end, where there were several up- and downhills. We took some breaks here and there, but we didn't have a real break until the end of the hike. We stopped at Brushytten to eat some waffles, until walking the last 2 km (1,3 miles) to Flyen. When we got to Flyen, I took some more pictures of the view, and the hike continued until we reached the city center, which was about 3 km (2 miles) away. The entire hike was 16 km (10 miles) long in total, and it took us 6 hours to complete! It was probably the longest hike I've ever been on (yet), and everyone were pretty sore the day after. More people joined us for dinner, and I hadn't seen them in ages, so that was a nice ending of the day.

On Sunday we walked around the city and were "tourists". We went to the fortresses, the harbor, the fish market and strolled through the old narrow streets with wooden houses. In the evening, we traveled back home. I had a remarkable trip, and I took lots of pictures, of course!


How did you spend your weekend?


- Sandra

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