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I got my Letter of Acceptance on July 19, and the answer deadline is later today. I got accepted to Informatics: Programming and System Architecture at the University of Oslo! It was my third choice, but in the end, I said yes to the offer. Then I'll see if I want to retake some classes this fall so I can get accepted to my first/second choice next year.


I'm pretty happy with the final outcome either way since I wanted to study something IT related. Another plus is that the school is super close to where I live, therefore I don't need to worry about getting a student flat or taking up a student loan; at least for now!

Still, the weeks before I got my acceptance letter were extremely stressful. Funny story actually!

It all began when we got our written exams results back, and I only performed as I was expecting at one of them... The two others were annoyingly disappointing... I then was debating whether or not I should complain about my grades, and I ended up doing so, since I concluded that there was a minimal chance of my grades getting lowered (which it was), therefore I took the risk.

While I was waiting to hear back from my complaints, I finally got the electronic version of my final report card back (or diploma), and of course there had to be several mistakes on it... Then I had to call my school; I had a very "intellectual" conversation with the receptionist, who only repeated what I said as a question back to me, until I was connected to the study advisor at my school.

The study advisor told me that he would fix the "necessary classes" (all the classes that had an error were from my year abroad). I didn' quite understand why, and then I asked to have all of my classes on the final report card/diploma. Everything seemed fine then. Until I suddenly received a text from the study advisor saying that only the  "necessary classes" would be on my final report card/diploma, so that my grade point average wouldn't drop too much. After reading that I was really stressed out, and I called him. He told me, that someone told him, that if all of the "approved classes" from my year abroad were on my report card, then my grade point average would drop! Meaning that all of my "approved classes" would equal the grade 0! We talked for a couple of minutes, and in the end, he told me that he was going to check up this situation more and call me back the day after.

Relatert bilde

In Norway the grading system is from 1-6; 1 equals fail, so 2 is the lowest passing grade, and 6 is the highest grade possible.

After the phone conversation, I calculated my grade point average with the grade 0 on my "approved classes. To give you a picture of how bad this could have gone; the highest possible grade point average I could have gotten was a 4, and that was if I had the grade 6 in all of my other classes! And I don't have straight A's (6), of course! Luckily the study advisor called me again and told me that the information he had gotten previously was incorrect and that all the "approved classes" would not count when calculating my grade point average. Afterward, I could finally relax!

A couple of days later, I received the letter concerning my complaint, and both of the grades remained the same. Oh well, at least I tried. Already in that moment, I was pretty sure that I would not get accepted to my first or second choice of school since I was a little below the lowest acceptable grade point average. Which sucked, but I guess that's life!

And in the end, I got accepted to the University of Oslo! I don't actually know if I'll complete this bachelor or change my course of study next year. However, I do believe that Informatics is going to be interesting and relevant anyway! The following weeks, my plan is to read about the different summer pre-courses they offer, which I'm considering to take. The official first day of University is August 14!



What are you studying this fall?


- Sandra

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