Welcome Home!


This has been an amazing week :D

First of all, I've had a mini-break since Ascension Day till this Thursday, and I had half days on Thursday and Friday!

On Monday, my friend, Thea, and I went to Oslo. We went to a couple of stores, ate lunch in Aker Brygge, and went to the Akershus Fortress. It was a super nice day!


The day after, we went to the airport to meet up with our friend, Milly, who have been on exchange in Tennessee this school year (here is the link to her exchange blog if you're interested). I'd been looking forward to that day for a long time! And it was so nice to finally see her again after being away from each other for almost two years (because I went on an exchange as well lol)!! We hung out for the rest of the day. Thea and I took her on a tour of our town since there's been a lot of construction work since she left. Nothing special happened on Wednesday. It's kind of funny that everything can go back to "normal" in just one day.

On Thursday, I was back in school. I had a half day of History, and the day ended at 11:50 am :) I also had a half day (of History) on Friday, but since it was our last history class of the year, we went to the lake instead and grilled and had a good time. So my school day lasted from 12:20 pm to about 2:00 pm.

Oral exams are up next week.


How was your week?

- Sandra

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