Time for exams.

We got to know which exams we're having last Friday at 9 am (each student has to have 3 written exams; based on the classes you take, which are randomly selected by the school). I was supposed to have a Spanish presentation as well, but our teacher was absent, so I got it moved to another day. I went and checked the exams list at around  9:30 am. I'm taking the exams in Mathematics and Norwegian. Norwegian is two exams: Hovedml and Sideml. All students have to take the Hovedml exam, while the Sideml exam is randomly selected. I'm pretty happy with the exams I'm taking, but I was a bit surprised that no one's taking the Spanish III written exam.


Bilderesultat for exams studyblr

A lot of things are happening this week actually. Today I had a full day of chemistry and we had a test at the end of the day, which was the last chance to better the final grade. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and just hope it went well! Tomorrow, I have exam preparation in math and the Spanish presentation during lunch. On Wednesday it's the 17 May (Norway's National Day), which is going to be a lot of fun! The day after, I have exam preparation in Norwegian, and then another exam preparation in math on Friday. In other words, there's plenty of work to do this week.


What exams are you having?


- Sandra

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