Done With Finals

New week, new Monday.

Today was the last day of finals week! Yay! And tomorrow is the first day of the last regular school week of the school year, which is kind of scary when exams are right around the corner. I've only been studying for finals this past week, so it's going to be nice with a break from all the work for a week :)

Today, I did some history homework, and I've also started watching a new show on Netflix called "Las Chicas del Cable", which is about women in the 1920's, and it was actually quite interesting! Now I've started working on my Spanish presentation, that I'm presenting on Friday. I'm nervous about how it will turn out... Other than that, not much is happening this week... except for the exam announcement (which is when everyone gets to know what exams they are taking)...

This was just a little update.

How has your past week been?


- Sandra

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