Easter Break, University Deadlines, Finals, the Military, and Rejection

Tomorrow is the application deadline for universities and university colleges in Norway (remember to send in your application on April 15!)*! I just sent my application, so I don't have to worry about it tomorrow.

I applied to the maximum number of courses, which are 10. Top 3 courses on my application are Computer Science at NTNU, Communication Technology at NTNU, and Programming and System Architecture at UiO, and Veterinary Science at NMBU. Fingers crossed I get into one of them!

On another note, I got the decisions back from the courses I applied to in the United States and the UK. In the UK, I was accepted by one out of five, and I wasn't accepted into UCLA, which is the school I applied to in the United States. It was kind of rough to receive denials from five of six schools/courses, but I guess that's life... At the moment I'm thinking of not taking the spot I was offered in England since it isn't the course I want to study the most. If I had gotten into Oxford; where I also applied for Computer Science, I would have taken it on the spot! So now I'm hoping to get into NTNU, where I applied for the same course :)

The application process is a lot easier in Norway than in the United States and the UK. All you have to do is click on the courses you'd like to apply to (max. 10), put them in order (the course you want the most on top/least on bottom), and click send. No essay writing or anything, which was really nice!


After Easter break, it's going to be super busy at school with mock exams and then exams. Time really flies by! Of course in the midst of all this; during my mock exams week, I have part 2 of the military draft (the final part where they decide if you will be drafted or not), but luckily I don't have a mock exam that day. Since I went on an exchange year last year, I had to wait until I got home to do part 1 of the draft (a form you have to fill out online), so that's why I have part 2 now. It doesn't really matter to me if I get into the military or not, I'll be fine with either.

Today, I've revised some math and chemistry, and I worked on old exam papers and read a little in the textbooks. I found a really cool app called "Forest", and the point is not to use your phone. You set a time, and after the time is up, a tree is planted. However, if you exit the app or "give up", the tree dies. I think this is a super great app to keep you away from your phone while studying :)

Other than schoolwork, I've relaxed and watched "13 Reasons Why" on Netflix. I highly recommend this show if you haven't watched it yet!

Have a great Easter!


- Sandra

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