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Hey! It has been a while!

There has not been much happening in November, and that is why I am only writing one post for the entire month. haha! I am going to try to blog more after my exams!

The majority of this month has been spent doing schoolwork, assignments, and exams-revision. Now I am finished with all of my assignments in Programming, Computer Science, and Philosophy! I know, super exciting... But some fun things have happened as well!

My friend and I have been going out on walks multiple times a week throughout the month, which I am very proud of. It is really good to go outside and get some fresh air, especially when exams are right around the corner. It is just fun and relaxing to walk outside and talk. We have also gone out into the forest to grill, which is lovely as always!

Another exciting thing that happened this month was that I was on the Norwegian talk show Senkveld! Sabrina Carpenter came to Norway, and she was going to perform on the show, and I got to meet her there. It was so much fun to talk to her again!

Other than that, I have had my math exam, and I think it went pretty well (I will not know that until next year)! Now I only have three exams left, then I am finished with school for this semester!


- Sandra






How To Write Efficient And Organized Lecture Notes

 Here are a few tips on how you can write better and more organized notes!

Before the lecture, I usually read through the chapters in the textbook, which are going to be talked about in the lecture. Then I am prepared on the material that I will learn in class, and it is a great way to get a general overview of what you are expected to know afterwards. I also note down questions if I read anything that I do not quite understand or I want to know more about for the lecture.

During the lecture, I take notes on my computer. Yes, I know that studies show it is better to write notes by hand for better comprehension of the material, but that does not work for me simply because the lectures are so fast pace that I cannot write anything understandable by hand that fast - therefore I take notes on my computer.

I usually focus on writing down what the lecturer is saying, rather than copying the information from the presentation. The presentation usually only has bullet points that do not make a lot of sense on their own, so I "ignore" the presentation notes so that my notes from the lecture will make sense to me when I read them again later. However, I do have one class where they do not post the presentations before or after the lecture, and then I have to choose if I want to mainly focus on the notes on the presentation or on what the lecturer is saying. For this particular class, I choose to focus on the presentation, because the most important information is on there, but if you ever end up in that situation, you have to decide what works best for you.

Organization-wise, I make folders for each of my classes (I keep them on my desktop, so they are easily available), and in the class folders, I have folders for lectures, assignments, practice problems etc. If you use your computer for school it is important to keep everything organized so it will be easy to find your documents later.

When I get home, I pull up my lecture notes, as well as the presentation and the textbook, to rewrite my notes in my notebook. Rewriting notes will actually help you retain the information from your lecture better, and now I have the time to write my notes neatly. The first thing I do before I begin taking notes is to write down my weekly goals in that class, and any assignments that are due that week. I colour coordinate my notes -  Every week I use a new colour, so when I am going to revise the notes later, I can easily find everything since it is neat and organized.

I start off with reading through the chapters (again) before I begin taking notes. When I rewrite my notes I mainly focus on the textbook and then I look at the lecture notes/presentation to fill in any missing information. From the textbook, I mainly note down important terms, and information that is highlighted. Then I look to my lecture notes and the lecture presentation to check if there is anything to add to what I noted down from the textbook.

I do have one class where there is no textbook. I still follow the same steps as written previously for taking notes in this class, however, I mainly emphasize my notes on the presentation from the lecture, and then fill in information from my lecture notes.

When working on notes (or anything school related for that matter), it is important to take breaks. I work maximum two hours without a break, but usually, I work between thirty minutes to an hour at a time, and then take a ten- to fifteen-minute break. Taking breaks will let your brain (and hand) rest for a bit, and keeps your motivation and quality of work up. To stay focused I set my phone and computer on "do not disturb"-mode, and I use the app "Forest" to keep me off my phone when I am studying.

This type of note-taking-system works for me, and I find very effective and efficient. It may seem like you are doing double the work, but reorganizing and rewriting notes makes life easier for you when exams are creeping closer, and you can think of it as "mini revision", where you take the time to see if you completely understood the lecture - maybe even figure out what you need to work on more. You will have a neat and organized system in your notes when it is actually time for revision, and it will overall save you from unnecessary amounts of stress.


- Sandra



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Out On Walks🌲

It is October again!

The last two weeks have actually been pretty calm - have not had a ton of work to do at all. Nothing special happened last week. I did not have Autumn Break, so it was just like any other week. This week I had two assignments due, and both of them were easy to finish. I even managed to deliver them a couple of days before the due date, because I thought I would spend more time working on them than I actually did. I am proud of that accomplishment!

On Tuesday I stayed at home to study. I only have one group lesson on Tuesdays, and since there are not going to be any assignments for next week in that class, I decided to work at home instead. The day ended up to be a lot of fun. I was studying until 2 pm. Afterward, my friend and I went outside for a walk with her dog, and when we were back home we decided to walk to the forest and grill. We sat outside for probably four hours, and it was lovely and relaxing to be outdoors and just talk. We even took another walk later in the evening that day! I usually spend way to little time outdoors, so Tuesday was a nice break from being inside too much! We actually continued to go on walks almost every day this week, which we are attempting to continue doing from now on!

This weekend I have been working on math and some assignments in programming and philosophy, which are due in a couple of weeks from now. I also went to the mall with my friend yesterday, which was fun!

This post is just a little update kind of thing.


I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!


- Sandra


A Lot is Happening


N har det vrt en stund siden sist jeg skrev noe her! Jeg har vel egentlig bare hatt mye gjre de siste to ukene. Forrige uke hadde jeg en ganske stor innlevering til onsdag (som jeg nevnte i forrige innlegg), og den var ganske forrvirrende og tok opp mesteparten av helga, i tillegg til mandag, tirsdag og onsdag. Men jeg ble ferdig til slutt, og var veldig fornyd med resultatet. Selv om det var mye gjre, har vi ingen formell vurdering p innleveringen, dvs. vi fr ikke noe karakter (som jeg egentlig er glad for), kun tilbakemelding. Det som var ekstra stressende med denne innleveringen var at vi skulle rette tre andre sine innleveringer etterp, og jeg er ingen stor fan av rette andres arbeid, spesielt nr jeg ikke skjnte veldig mye selv... Heldigvis var det mindre stress med rettinga enn det jeg hadde trodd. Ogs fikk jeg plutselig e-post fra en i klassen som skulle rette min (vi kunne se hvem sine filer vi rettet, men man kunne ikke se hvem som rettet innleveringen man leverte selv), og sa at hun tror jeg hadde levert feil fil. Jeg gikk sjekket, og jeg hadde selvflgelig greid levere en veoppgave jeg hadde gjort i steden for innlevering.. bra jobba meg... Fikk rettet p det, og skrev at den forrige filen var feil, men det endte da med at jeg fikk en bra tilbakemelding av de tre jeg fikk, siden de to andre kun s p den filen som var feil. Etter dette skal jeg begynne trippelsjekke det jeg leverer inn lol!

P torsdagen dro hele informatikk studiet p UiO til Sundvolden p seminar, ca. en to-timers busstur unna universitetet. Der var vi til fredag ettermiddag. Mesteparten av det vi gjorde p seminaret var sosialt, som var bde gy, skremmende og slitsomt. Vi hadde en del forelesninger om studie motivasjon, hvordan man kan organisere seg og disponere tiden godt nr man studerer, samarbeid, balanse mellom studie og fritid, og generelt om hvordan man lykkes som student. De fleste av disse forelesningene var interessante, men ikke alle haha! Vi hadde ogs mange aktiviteter i lpet av de to dagene. Blant annet tok vi en personlighets test, for at man selv skulle bli klar over hvordan man selv tenker, og at andre tenker forskjellig. Man kunne enten vre rd (sosial, utadvent), bl (introvert, logisk) eller grnn (kreativ, mlrettet). Jeg hadde nesten like mye p bl og grnn, men jeg fikk mest p bl. Jeg ble ikke overrasket for si det snn! Siden vi bodde p et hotell, fikk vi jo god mat og snt, som var det de brukte for lokke flest mulig til komme p seminaret! P torsdag kveld, var det spillkveld, som jeg syntes var det morsomste (av aktivitetene). VI hadde en runde med Kahoot, ogs spilte vi kort og brettspill. Siden vi dro derfra ganske sent p fredag, var jeg ikke hjemme igjen fr i 19-tiden. Alt i alt var det en morsom tur, men det var selvflgelig deilig komme hjem igjen for det var ganske slitsomt.

Forrige helg gikk til jobbe med den andre store innleveringen jeg hadde som var en skriveoppgave til exphil (filosofi). Jeg ble ferdig, men jeg har ingen anelse om jeg besvarte oppgaven p riktig mte. Vi skulle analysere en filosofisk tekst, og det er ganske vanskelig analysere en tekst som bare stiller sprsml og aldri kommer fram til noe svar. Dette var heldigvis bare frste utkastet, og forhpentligvis er tilbakemeldingene gode snn at jeg vet hva jeg m rette p til den endelige versjonen av teksten. Fr vel se hvordan det gr.

En annen ting er at jeg leser utrolig mye n, bker alts. Etter at jeg begynte ta toget, har jeg liksom ca. n time satt av til lese. I dag ble jeg ferdig med boka "The Sun is Also a Star" av Nicola Yoon. Jeg har lest tre bker i september, og jeg er veldig glad for at jeg endelig har tid til lese andre ting en skolebker!

Resten av denne uka har det vrt ganske rolig (heldigvis), og jeg har ftt jobbet en del med matte ogs. Har i alle fall flt meg ganske produktiv denne uka, s jeg skal nok bare slappe av i helga og ikke gjre noe skolerelatert. I morgen skal veninna mi feire bursdagen sin, s det skal bli gy! Ellers har jeg ikke noen andre planer for helga. Jeg vet jo ogs at det er hstferie (her jeg bor) neste uke, men p universitetet har vi ikke hstferie s ja...


Har du noen planer for helga/hstferien?


- Sandra


Election Day

Today is the official Election Day!

I hope everyone that had the opportunity chose to vote. I voted yesterday for the first time in my life! It was actually pretty cool, and I felt like I was contributing towards something important (it sounds super lame, but I was very excited to vote, so yeah). The thing that surprised me was that the voting process was a lot quicker than I anticipated, and I was also terrified to make any mistakes all the practical things. Despite my irrational fears, everything went smooth (of course), and the entire thing lasted for maybe 10 minutes. The best part about voting was to put the ballot in the ballot box. Now we're just waiting for the results of the election

Today is also the beginning of a new week at the university, and I've actually attended school for one month already! The only reason I actually know that is because I had to fill my Travelcard, which is valid for one month at a time - time flies! More things are starting to happen now. I've had weekly assignments every week in one class since I started, but now I'm going to get assignments in my other classes as well (which are larger ones). In addition to that, I've signed up for an exam that I'm retaking this fall, so it's going to be busy the following months. But school is so much fun, and it's way more motivating to only have classes that I'm interested in. Also nice to just have 3 (4) classes at a time which makes it easier to distribute an equal amount of time for each class.


Did you vote this year?


- Sandra


I Got Mail!


Another (school) week has come to an end. This week was my second week of lectures, and everything has been going very well! The lectures, group- and seminar lessons, and the workload have been great, and the transition between sixth form college and university has been surprisingly smooth. I've had one assignment due this week, and I'm already finished with the one due next week (I hope that I'll keep my good study habits throughout the year). I've actually learned quite much in only two weeks! For example, now I know how to program a quiz and other simple interactive programs, which I'm extremely proud of to say so myself!

This week I received a package in the mail, that I had been waiting for, for a while. Because I purchased a new lens for my DSLR-camera! I don't think that I've written much (or anything) about photography on the blog, but now you know, I'm a hobby photographer. I actually got my camera the same year that I went on exchange. This is the first time that I'm buying a new objective, up until now I've only used the one that came with the camera. The lens I bought was a macro lens, which is suitable for portrait- and detail photography, while the lens I already had was more suitable for landscape photography. I tried taking some test photos today, and I'm really happy with it! It's a lot of fun to try something new, and the objective captures totally different details than my other one.

I mostly take photos when I travel, so I can't wait to really test it out the next time I'm going somewhere!

How was your week?


- Sandra


Buddy Week

A new week with new experiences!

Monday was the first official day for all the new university students at the University of Oslo! I took the train to Oslo at 8 am, and before the train ended up having technical difficulties in between two stops. They used maybe 20 minutes to fix it, therefore I was glad that I had 30 minutes extra to spare so that I wouldn't be late! The day began with information for new students at Sohpus Lie's Auditorium, where we also were divided into groups based on what we're going to study (at the beginning of the day all the Informatics students were together), and afterward, we walked over to the Informatics building. Then we got a whole lot of information about the program, and everyone received a "letter of acceptance" from the university. Then everyone was assigned a "buddy group", which is a group consisting of students that have attended your program, and other new students - essentially, it's how you get to know people. After that, we ate lunch and went to Karl Johan (a street, not a person), where the official welcoming ceremony was held. The Principal and the Major of Oslo held speeches, and the University choir performed. The ceremony was the best part of the day!

On Tuesday all the new students were offered breakfast for free, and then we had a treasure hunt that lasted the rest of the day. This was my favorite game out of all the "buddy activities". We went to different posts and got different tasks and problems we had to solve. Some of the tasks were to build a tower, play chess, drive a robot through a mini-course, and a quiz. 

The "buddy week" ended with a pre-course in Informatics, which was on Wednesday and Thursday, and we were able to learn and test out basic programming, which was so much fun! In addition to all of this, I got to purchase textbooks and I got my student card! This week I met many new people who are going to study the same courses as me, and others who are going to study completely different things. Overall, this was an amazing start to a new chapter!


- Sandra


Two Busy Weeks; Driver's Test, France, Birthday and University!

So much has happened the past two weeks, so I haven't had time to blog until now.

On Tuesday, August 1, I took my driver's test!! It was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of my life, and to make me even more nervous than I already was, another car almost crashed into me right before the driver's test! Everything went ok, but it was pretty scary. Well, then after that, I had my driver's test. I think I spent most of the time driving on this weird dirt road, which eventually merged into a country road, and I also drove a bit in the city. The result: I passed! The examiner gave me good feedback and I was super happy (of course)! After the test, I received a sheet of paper with my "temporary driver's license", while the actual driver's license was mailed to me a couple of days ago. My goal was to get my license before I turned 19, and I did it two days before my birthday; my birthday present to myself!


The day after, I had to wake up at 6 am to head to the airport. I didn't know where we were going until we checked in since it was supposed to be a surprise. We were going to Nice in France! It was a lovely trip! While we were there, we visited the city Cannes; where the international film festival is held every year, and Monaco; France's neighbor country. We went to Cannes on Thursday (my birthday), and explored the city, when shopping, etc. Then we went to Monaco on Saturday, where we visited the Prince's Palace and the little surrounding village, and Monte Carlo. The other days we were in France, we walked around Nice and relaxed by the pool.

When we were going home, the flight got delayed, and because of that we didn't get home until 2:30 am! Of course, I had to wake up at 7 am that morning.. Since Monday was my first day of university! This week I attended a pre-university math course, where the syllabus from R2 (my previous math class) was revised. This course was very helpful; in addition to revising math, with getting to know the campus, figuring out when I have to take the train, and to get used to having lectures contra having classes in college. There was a lot of math this week, but overall I'm very happy with this course! Yesterday, the university held a barbecue for everyone that attended the course, and I got to know some of the other new students, as well as some of the students that already go there. During this week I've also registered for all of my classes and exams and paid the semester fee. All I have left now is to buy my textbooks.


When are you going back to school?


- Sandra



Happy Monday!

My family and I took a weekend trip to Bergen, since we didn't have anything special planned this summer. There, we visited some family friends, which was super nice since I haven't been there in years!

We traveled there on Friday afternoon, and in the evening we had a good time with dinner and whatnot.

On Saturday morning we went to Ulriken, which is one of the mountains near the city, and we took the cable car up on the mountain. The city view was beautiful from the top! Afterward we walked from Ulriken to Flyen, which is a 13 km (8 mile) long walk! The hike was very enjoyable, and the terrain was quite even the entire way, except at the end, where there were several up- and downhills. We took some breaks here and there, but we didn't have a real break until the end of the hike. We stopped at Brushytten to eat some waffles, until walking the last 2 km (1,3 miles) to Flyen. When we got to Flyen, I took some more pictures of the view, and the hike continued until we reached the city center, which was about 3 km (2 miles) away. The entire hike was 16 km (10 miles) long in total, and it took us 6 hours to complete! It was probably the longest hike I've ever been on (yet), and everyone were pretty sore the day after. More people joined us for dinner, and I hadn't seen them in ages, so that was a nice ending of the day.

On Sunday we walked around the city and were "tourists". We went to the fortresses, the harbor, the fish market and strolled through the old narrow streets with wooden houses. In the evening, we traveled back home. I had a remarkable trip, and I took lots of pictures, of course!


How did you spend your weekend?


- Sandra


Results From My University Application!!


I got my Letter of Acceptance on July 19, and the answer deadline is later today. I got accepted to Informatics: Programming and System Architecture at the University of Oslo! It was my third choice, but in the end, I said yes to the offer. Then I'll see if I want to retake some classes this fall so I can get accepted to my first/second choice next year.


I'm pretty happy with the final outcome either way since I wanted to study something IT related. Another plus is that the school is super close to where I live, therefore I don't need to worry about getting a student flat or taking up a student loan; at least for now!

Still, the weeks before I got my acceptance letter were extremely stressful. Funny story actually!

It all began when we got our written exams results back, and I only performed as I was expecting at one of them... The two others were annoyingly disappointing... I then was debating whether or not I should complain about my grades, and I ended up doing so, since I concluded that there was a minimal chance of my grades getting lowered (which it was), therefore I took the risk.

While I was waiting to hear back from my complaints, I finally got the electronic version of my final report card back (or diploma), and of course there had to be several mistakes on it... Then I had to call my school; I had a very "intellectual" conversation with the receptionist, who only repeated what I said as a question back to me, until I was connected to the study advisor at my school.

The study advisor told me that he would fix the "necessary classes" (all the classes that had an error were from my year abroad). I didn' quite understand why, and then I asked to have all of my classes on the final report card/diploma. Everything seemed fine then. Until I suddenly received a text from the study advisor saying that only the  "necessary classes" would be on my final report card/diploma, so that my grade point average wouldn't drop too much. After reading that I was really stressed out, and I called him. He told me, that someone told him, that if all of the "approved classes" from my year abroad were on my report card, then my grade point average would drop! Meaning that all of my "approved classes" would equal the grade 0! We talked for a couple of minutes, and in the end, he told me that he was going to check up this situation more and call me back the day after.

Relatert bilde

In Norway the grading system is from 1-6; 1 equals fail, so 2 is the lowest passing grade, and 6 is the highest grade possible.

After the phone conversation, I calculated my grade point average with the grade 0 on my "approved classes. To give you a picture of how bad this could have gone; the highest possible grade point average I could have gotten was a 4, and that was if I had the grade 6 in all of my other classes! And I don't have straight A's (6), of course! Luckily the study advisor called me again and told me that the information he had gotten previously was incorrect and that all the "approved classes" would not count when calculating my grade point average. Afterward, I could finally relax!

A couple of days later, I received the letter concerning my complaint, and both of the grades remained the same. Oh well, at least I tried. Already in that moment, I was pretty sure that I would not get accepted to my first or second choice of school since I was a little below the lowest acceptable grade point average. Which sucked, but I guess that's life!

And in the end, I got accepted to the University of Oslo! I don't actually know if I'll complete this bachelor or change my course of study next year. However, I do believe that Informatics is going to be interesting and relevant anyway! The following weeks, my plan is to read about the different summer pre-courses they offer, which I'm considering to take. The official first day of University is August 14!



What are you studying this fall?


- Sandra